Neller Davies was delighted to host a special presentation on collaborative Vested FM partnerships to an invited audience of leading facilities management consultants, FM directors and FM businesses.

Held at Somerset House in London, the session was led by Kate Vitasek, author, educator and business consultant, and the leading global voice on ‘Vested’. 

Kate flew in from Seattle especially for the session, offering her insight and experience on what is widely regarded as the future of contract modelling in the facilities management sector.

‘Vested’ is a concept which aims to tackle many fundamental flaws in modern-day business models that work against and prevent collaboration.

It is argued that, many of these structural flaws create inherent perverse incentives resulting in truly unwanted behaviours and can lead to dysfunctional relations between supplier and customer.

Vitasek’s talk focused on how outsourcing in its current form was fundamentally working against true partnership and how Vested offered a collaborative solution to delivering facilities management services in the future. She cited how it is already successfully working for around 70 diverse organisations including Microsoft, P&G and several Canadian Health Authorities.

Listen to what she, and Neller Davies had to say about the event and Vested FM Partnerships. Vested video